Social & cultural programs

  1. Grodecov Historical Museum. Here you can explore the history of Russian Far East. Find out a lot of interesting facts about the local plants, animals, geography, native inhabitants, etc.
  2. City tour “Russian Architecture”. Khabarovsk buildings represent a coexistence of different architectural styles: from XIX century to modern. The best examples of new buildings are “Platinum Arena” (indoor sporting arena) and the Circus. For the last 10 years several new Cathedrals were built witch are new modern buildings performed in traditional Russian orthodox style. Walk trough the streets of Khabarovsk and see everything by yourself!
  3. Khabarovsk Archeological Museumwelcomes you to touch the culture and history of Khabarovsk Krai ancient tribes.Russian Folklore House. It can be called a museum of traditional Russian cultural attributes. Traditional clothes, dishes, paintings, furniture. One room is dedicated to life of ancient inhabitants of Khabarovsk Krai.
    • “Birch Bark Crafting” – make your own bracelet, armlet or amulet of birch bark, which use to be a traditional material for crafting of Priamurie (Amur river region) tribes.
    • “Primeval Hearth” – shaman show. Visit the dwelling of a shaman, take part in a show. You CAN touch the exhibits and even try them on (clothes) or use them (bow and arrows, fire making device).
  4. Khabarovsk Museum of Arts. Watch the exhibitions of famous Russian artists and sculptors.
  5. Khabarovsk Cathedral of Transfiguration of Christ and Theological Seminary. Khabarovsk Theological Seminary is the only educational institution that trains clergymen in the East of Russia. Enjoy its beautiful architecture and interiors. Watch picturesque views from the bell-tower of the Cathedral.
  6. Student Concert. The event that finishes the Summer School. Talented students perform singing, dancing, choreographic numbers to show their creativity.