August in FESTU…It’s KISS TIME!


KISS celebrates its 5th Anniversary and welcomes guests to take part in celebrations.


Five years ago Khabarovsk International Summer School (that was just “Summer School” those days) was established as a project for adaptation of foreign citizens for studying and living in Russia.


Through the years KISS developed into the complex project which now contains not only education programs, but also social, cultural and entertaining activities.


KISS combines sightseeing tours with cultural education. Students can visit museums of Khabarovsk, parks, squares and even real cathedral and theological seminary. KISS organizers and the authorities of the Seminary keep up the friendship relations. That is why students have great opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places in the city. Recently, the rector of the Seminary sent us a note of thanks which you can see above.


KISS is in close relations with Consulates and Cultural Centers in Khabarovsk: Consulate General of China, Consulate General of Japan and Korean Center. The note of thanks from the Consulate General of China you also can see above.


Let us wish success and wealth to our Summer School which is a small bridge between great nations!


Grand Opening ceremony will be held in FESTU on August 8th.